Contribution of Qualitative Research for NPI Evaluation

Mar 19, 2020




The evaluation of treatments and care processes is systematically considered under the prism of Evidence Based Medicine and the randomized controlled trial as an inescapable model. There is in this model, a great absentee, the patient and his experience. From our perspective, prior identification of the relevant NPI efficacy indicators, in support of the structured and rigorous in-depth exploration of the patient’s experience in care, is essential. It is in this perspective that qualitative research finds its place. It is a question of proposing a complete methodology that structures the whole research process and makes it possible to position the patient’s experience as the irreducible space of care.

  • Pr Laurence VERNEUIL

    Dermatology Department CHU Rouen, INSERM U1153, Statistic and Epidemiological Research Center, Sorbonne Paris Cité, University of Paris

  • Chair : Pr Eric SERRA

    Associate Professor of Pain Medicine, University of Picardy Jules Verne, Psitec Laboratory EA4072 Lille, Head of the Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain and the Department of Supportive Care CHU Amiens, France


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