Pain and Fatigue among Patients in Oncology. NPIs in Supportive Care

Mar 20, 2020




What are the supportive care? Why NPI in Oncology? Which NPI in supportive care? What is the interest in pain and fatigue among patients in Oncology?

  • Pr Eric SERRA

    Associate Professor of Pain Medicine, University of Picardy Jules Verne, Psitec Laboratory EA4072 Lille, Head of the Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain and the Department of Supportive Care CHU Amiens, France

  • Chair: Julien NIZARD

    Interdisciplinary Supportive Care Centre and Integrative Medicine; Thoracic and Nervous System Institute, University Hospital, CUMIC, Laboratory of Therapeutics and UMR INSERM SPHERE (MethodS in Patients-centered outcomes and HEalth ResEarch), University of Nantes, France


    Collège Universitaire de Médecines Intégratives et Complémentaires

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