Pain at the heart of chronic diseases: a central way for developing integrative medicine and teaching

Mar 20, 2020




The subjectivity of many painful situations unfortunately leads some clinicians to insufficient or even undervalued clinical analysis. Thus the “tidal wave” of chronic diseases adds an increase to the notion of medical complexity. The only huge advances in conventional therapies, dominated by the drug, are no longer the only answer. Whether it concerns children, the elderly or patients without accurate etiologic diagnosis, pain becomes an essential thread for a new caring relationship. The ethical principles of a therapeutic pluralism emerged with integrative medicine. The vast field of all pains offers new possibilities through aromatherapy, acupuncture, massages, hypnosis, relaxations, meditation or balneotherapy, to name but a few examples. The right choice and use of this therapeutic Panel must be mastered. Of course, we talk about validated, efficient and risk-free approaches. The needs are immense, the public is plaintiff, the evidence still insufficient. Only a profound reform towards integrative medicine is conceivable, but not without the assistance of the University, researchers and clinicians. A “therapeutic “moratorium, without a priori initial” and promoted by the authorities will bring new perspectives for painful patient.

  • Chair: Julien NIZARD

    Interdisciplinary Supportive Care Centre and Integrative Medicine; Thoracic and Nervous System Institute, University Hospital, CUMIC, Laboratory of Therapeutics and UMR INSERM SPHERE (MethodS in Patients-centered outcomes and HEalth ResEarch), University of Nantes, France


    President of the CUMIC, Université de Strasbourg, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France



    Collège Universitaire de Médecines Intégratives et Complémentaires

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