Synergistic approach for the treatment of chronic pain

Mar 19, 2020




For 41 years, the Department of Pain Montpellier University Hospital offers original methods of multidisciplinary and bio-psycho-social assessment and synthetic tools for rapid measurement of health gains for patients with chronic pain. These tools will be explained during the communication. But above all, the synergy of multiple NPIs (education, hypnosis, body mediations, music therapy, relaxation, art therapy, adapted physical activity) will be exposed with the medicinal treatments. This practice allows a renewed relevance in the diagnosis (shared diagnosis and poly-diagnoses) both in consultation, hospitalization day and week, as for the personalization of therapeutic means by type of bio-psycho-social profile of chronic pain patients.

  • Dr Patrick GINIES

    Head of the Psychosomatic Pain and Functional Disease Department, Montpellier University Hospital, France

  • Chair: Jacques KOPFERSCHMITT

    Hospital of Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg


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