MD, PhD, President of the CUMIC, Université de Strasbourg, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France

Professor Jacques KOPFERSCHMITT is Internist and medical reanimator, he led the pole of urgency and resuscitation, and now he is in charge of mission on the NPIs. He is Professor of medical Therapeutics, which has directed him towards a pluralism of approach to health concerns, notably by innovating by the introduction of complementary therapies in the first and second cycle of medical studies. He is Vice-President of the Groupe d’Évaluation des Thérapies complémentaires Personnalisées (GETCOP). By founding the association of complementary Therapies at the University hospitals of Strasbourg he coordinates the introduction, teaching and research in both in Hospital and in University, who was organized many seminars on CT. He currently chairs the French University of Integrative and Complementary Medicine College (CUMIC).