Pr. Julien NIZARD

MD, PhD, Interdisciplinary Supportive Care Centre and Integrative Medicine; Thoracic and Nervous System Institute, University Hospital, CUMIC, Laboratory of Therapeutics and UMR INSERM SPHERE (MethodS in Patients-centered outcomes and HEalth ResEarch), University of Nantes, France

Julien NIZARD is a rheumatologist and pain physician at the Nantes University Hospital, where he directs the Center for Interdisciplinary Pain Support Care and Integrative Medicine. Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of the University of Nantes, Ability to Lead Research, is professor of medicine of pain and palliative medicine at the Nantes Faculty of Medicine . He is responsible for initial and continuous teaching of pain, palliative care, and complementary therapies (University Diplomas of pain, palliative care, therapeutic hypnosis, acupuncture and manual osteopathic medicine. He is a member of the Master of Teaching Committee Ethics of Nantes. He runs a research unit attached to Therapeutics Laboratory at UMR INSERM SPHERE (Methods in Patients-centered outcomes and Health Research), University of Nantes. He works on neuromodulation techniques for the treatment of intractable pain and various neurological disabilities and psychologiques.Il established the Committee for the Fight against pain and support for Palliative Care (CLUD SP) of Nantes University Hospital, and created and chaired the pain networks city- Hospital of Loire-Atlantique and Inter-Regional West. He is Vice-President of the University College of Integrative Medicine and T Complementary Therapies (CUMIC), College affiliated to the Coordination of Colleges of French Medical Teachers (CNCEM).